TRAINGAINZ Sport & Performance Programs

Tight on time? Need flexible hours to train? Looking for extra work to do? No matter where you are, age, fitness level, skill level, we feel it’s our responsibility to help you!

TRAINGAINZ programs for athletes to follow specific comprehensive strength and conditioning programs to enhance their sport performance. We will create programs for all ages, skills and sports.

We are currently working with youth, high school, college, professional athletes and those looking to increase their general fitness.

TRAINGAINZ programs are designed to direct athletes within the journey of strength and performance. Through time and consistent training our plans develop individuals. The TRAINGAINZ programming hierarchy is built to continue to raise the bar in health, wellness and sport performance.

A structured, comprehensive and unified training program. We cover every element of fitness needed to compete, including all points of strength and energy system development. TRAINGAINZ will offer multiple training sessions depending on your program of choice from 3 or 5 days per week. TRAINGAINZ programs are built upon principles of progression, structural balance and periodization. Every element of the training program has a purpose, and we focus to ensure that the elements of the program complement each other.

The 12-week training program is comprised of 3 mesocycles, 4 weeks each. Designed for comprehensive preparation for the rigors of competition and athletics. Each cycle has certain goals to ignite and bring the athlete to progress and reach their fullest potential. We focus on functional movements, Olympic weightlifting & progressions, and traditional strength training movements. Our plans utilize progressive resistance that promotes hypertrophy and adaptations while simultaneously enhancing flexibility.

Let TRAINGAINZ take care of your planning and map out your GAINZ!