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The Best Post Workout and Game Nutrition to help your Body Recover

One of the most important aspects of training is recovery. Recovering efficiently allows you to be prepared to train or compete again. It is critical to fuel your body correctly after exercise to maximize your training effects. There is so much hype across the fitness industry of what you should be doing post workout to aid in the recovery process. Are you tired of worrying about: what shake you should be drinking, what supplements you should use and the best time frame to consume your post workout meal?

I’m here to make things simple by offering you a plan to get in a nutritious post workout meal that will include all the essential macronutrients you need to recover, while keeping your stomach content full and content!

  1. Get some carbs in

Exercise utilizes glycogen stores in your muscles. Depending on the intensity of exercise, depleted glycogen stores can leave you feeling hungry, tired, and in extreme cases dizzy and faint.

After exercise it is important to boost your blood sugar with a healthy meal that will replenish your muscles glycogen levels. Eating carbs immediately after a workout  will help replace the glycogen lost throughout your workout and prevent your body from burning muscle for energy.

Athletes should plan ahead and meal-prep at the beginning of the week to ensure that they are fueled properly. It is important to make balanced meals that have protein, carbs and a healthy fat source.Prepping some whole wheat pasta with chicken or making a homemade sandwich to take to your games or the gym will leave you satisfied and will help start the recovery process.

      2) Eat protein

Consuming a good amount of protein after a workout will give your body the amino acids it needs to help with protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is critical to start the bodies ability to rebuild muscle fiber. It’s important to support protein synthesis by consuming a meal that contains 20 to 40 grams of protein immediately after working out or competing.  

     3) Foods to aim for

Wholesome food sources that are easy to digest are your best bet for consuming a well balanced post workout meal. After a workout, your body is tired and worn down. You need to replenish your body, and fast. Foods such as dark leafy greens, pasta and potatoes are the best  options for easily digested foods. Salmon and eggs are a great source of protein. Make sure you also include healthy fats sources like nuts or an avocado.

      4) Drink water

Your body will do a much better job at recovering if it is hydrated properly. When sweating during a workout, your body loses important electrolytes and water. It is important to replace lost electrolytes after an intense workout.  An electrolyte drink is a good way to go following particularly strenuous exercise, but usually, a good amount of water will do the job!