Advanced Programs

For who:

  • High School Athletes

  • College Athletes

  • Adult Athletes

  • Athletes with 2-3 years of experience with weight training and the Olympic Movements

  • All Sports

  • All Skills


Advanced - Strength Program - Online Program

12 Weeks - 5 Days a week - 60 workouts

Warm up, Demo Video library, Exercise Cues & Nutrition

Cost: $215 in Total (That is about $4 per workout)

*For 12+ Week Programming contact us at

The summit. This program is designed for the most elite and fit athletes around. Athletes who choose this program should be proficient in completing and training in the Clean and Jerk. This is our most elite training program available. Athletes should be prepared to train at high volume, intensity, and load. Completing this program will require extreme attention and detail to recovery and nutrition. TRAINGAINZ programming goals are to provide our athletes with strength training that is designed to enhance strength in the off-season, maintain strength in-season, stay healthy, and help reduce the risk of injury.

The best way to keep your athlete healthy, injury free and competing is done through specific comprehensive year-round training.

Our programs are individually designed by ability level to maximize performance and body awareness.


Advanced - Conditioning / Speed & Agility - Online Program

4 Weeks - 3 Days a week - 12 workouts

Warm up, Agility Diagrams, Time Trials, Timed Rest Intervals and Nutrition

Cost: $85 (That is about $7 per workout)

*For 4+ Week Programming contact us at

Energy System Development!

An explosive cardio Conditioning strength workout that incorporates 3 intense circuits of endurance, strength, and plyometric exercises that are designed to lean muscle, strengthen the core, increase endurance. Speed & Agility programmed for the athlete to utilize basic speed to sport-specific movements.  We use cone drills with varied steps and movement patterns, coupled with various start positions, to enhance coordination, foot speed and the ability to compete in open space.