Sports & Performance



Our online training programs are designed by sports and performance coaches to enhance athlete potential in their specific sport. The aim of our programing is to increase the athlete’s strength, power, and overall fitness. Enhancing your athletic fitness is vital for all athletes as it will allow for more force to be placed into the ground, which in turn will aid performance in a number of ways:

  • Injury Prevention

  • Greater Acceleration

  • Improved Agility

  • Increased Power Transfer

The best way to keep your athlete healthy, injury free and competing is through specific comprehensive year round training. Our programs are individually designed by ability level to maximize performance and body awareness.

We will work with your athlete to design the best possible training program to meet all their athletic goals.

Our programs are for:

Athletes who do not have access to structured specific programming or wish to train more outside of their team’s regimen.

Athletes who are self-directed to improve their personal fitness.

Athletes who are driven to rise above their competitors.

See program descriptions for how we can improve your athlete’s performance today!


We develop specific comprehensive online strength and conditioning programs to enhance sport performance and overall fitness.

TRAINGAINZ offers premier online programming for overall athletic development. Our goal is to help every athlete reach their fullest potential through smart, effective, and  proven training methods.






In athletics and training, highly developed character traits come to the surface. Things such as grit, humility, resilience, accountability, confidence, optimism, and passion are the traits that create separation between good and great.

The positive habits we create and the mindset we develop will improve our health and will serve as the foundation of our everyday life.  Focusing on developing these life characteristics will undoubtedly enhance your ability to reach your goals.